Dendi: "DotA has the most online players of all other games"

14:00 / 20.01.2011 , Author : xeo


Hi Danil. How did New Year holidays go? We've been missing you =)

Na`Vi.Dendi: Hi, thanks. I was with my family for holidays, we had relatives from Russia. I was sitting at home with angina all that time and I've just recently recovered.

You won't make fool of us :) Well, don't hide anything, tell us what do you do except playing DotA. Tell us about yourself!

Na`Vi.Dendi: All the usual stuff other people do in my age. Except DotA I have other stuff to handle, I have family, friends. Overall I'm studying (although I visit university rarely).

 Do you have any special hobbies?

Na`Vi.Dendi:  DotA is my main hobby. I was going in for acrobatics, dances and music (I played piano), basketball and so on. But lately I've been putting more efforts into DotA and I don't miss this time.

There is no lack of tournaments but lately there have been neither any increase nor decrease of game popularity. What do you think is the reason?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I'm almost sure that DotA has the most online players of all other games. Perhaps there are someone who is playing and waiting for DotA 2. The game will continue to gain its popularity and may reach a new level. DotA in China is developing similar to StarCraft in Korea. If we take into account the latest news, teams are already buying players for $4000-5000. So DotA is continuing to grow and progress. There isn't lack of tournaments but there are rarely any good ones. Online tournaments can often deny prize payments. Overall online is completely different thing. High latency, players' attitude... everything is completely different! I can name only a few really good LANs organized last year.

It didn't pass much time since you become a fifth player of Na`Vi.DotA. How would you evaluate the potential of this lineup?

Na`Vi.Dendi: Well, although I've been playing with Artur (GO [blin]) and Bohdan (Axypa) for a while, much things changed since then. Now we've started to practice hard. I think the potential is really high! You'll be able to see it soon. We lost only 2 games of 50 played for the last 10 days (it's when we played with our full line-up). I think that's a good sign since we started everything anew. The funniest thing is that our losses were immediately posted on different forums. 

You know all the players and played with them numerous times: I bet you can write a whole book about each of them. But let's talk a little about each player. Can you characterize them?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I haven't played with XBOCT before so I won't characterize him. It's hard for me to give few words about the guys. I like playing with them, talking to them and hanging out with them! Everyone is friendly and everyone has a lot of positive qualities. I feel comfortable now. When Ivan left DTS it was very difficult to me to play there, mentally. Now I feel relieved.

There are three players with the same style in the team (XBOCT, Go[Blin], ArtStyle). How the roles will be distributed? Someone will have to reconsider his game?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I guess that all of that speculations about three players with the same style was taken from v1lat interview. But I disagree. Each player is an individual. I don't think that Go[Blin]'s, XBOCT's and ArtStyle's style is similar. Different roles in the team make difference. We are practicing now, trying different strategies, practice teamwork as well as our individual skills. We don't have problems with the roles. All players are skilled and experienced! Each of them can reconsider his role if it is needed for the team. It's not the first time I say that I don't do any difference between support/ganker/carry/etc roles that is commonly used by the people. Yeah, you can use these words to describe a player's role in a certain game but that doesn't mean a player can't play another role! If someone really thinks otherwise, I must say that it's just an excuse for their low skill level.

Before ArtStyle joined the team, Go[Blin] was a captain. Well, he is used to be a captain in all of his previous teams. Now ArtStyle is the captain. Will it influence Go[Blin]'s game as he was forced to leave solo-mid heroes role for you?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I'm sure it won't influence his game. We are practicing now and everything goes fine. Either me or Artur are playing solo-mid. It depends on the picked heroes. When we formed this lineup, we chosen Ivan (ArtStyle) to be the captain. Ivan is the best captain in Europe.

v1lat isn't the last man in DotA-community and he was your manager in Wolk3R-Gaming and DTS. How did he handle his job and what can you say about your experience with him?

Na`Vi.Dendi: v1lat is a little bit lazy and likes to do everything in the very last minute. But he has been always doing his job and I'm very grateful for him for all he made for us. He's doing a lot for DotA-community now too. I'd say that he's one of few people who are promoting DotA in CIS. I had much positive moments with v1lat: trips and so on. He was always around and helpful. He managed all non-game related stuff. It was sorry for me to leave him.

DotA-2. Have you heard anything specific about this project? Are you waiting for it? I heard, you know a lot about this game?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I think that DotA 2 will be exactly the same as everbody imagines. I hope it will be the same old DotA just with tweaked graphics, same heroes, game mechanics and balance run on a new engine and with lots of features (like reconnect, hotkeys and so on), Just as the DotA 2 website says.

I've got a question from your teammmates: When will you finally change your internet connection? =)

Na`Vi.Dendi: I'm going to another ISP with my friend in 15 min, maybe I'll sign the deal there. But I doubt they'll set everything that fast and it is still a question if that connection can be better.

(As it turned out, the meeting with ISP wasn't successful - connection wasn't good enough and Danil is still looking for another provider)

What was the most remembering tournament for you and why?

Na`Vi.Dendi:  WDC! It was the most remembering for me: Chinese fans, organization, size, staginess and so on.

Can you tell us more about athmosphere in China? How do they treat DotA-players?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I liked everything in China except food and smell in some places. The mentality is different there, much better then our people have (my impressions). We were giving autographs on the very first day and lot of people took photos with us. We had a feeling that these crowd of fans would never end - more and more fans were coming. We liked it a lot, noone refused to give a photo or an authgraph even when we were in hurry or tired.

What was the coolest / the hardest /the most unreal game?

Na`Vi.Dendi: The coolest and the most unreal match was against EHOME at WDC (although I can't say it was the hardest). We were very happy to win that match.

How long do you plan to play DotA? Do you want to win something specific?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I plan to play DotA as long as I enjoy it and it doesn't bother my life. Of course, I want to outplay every team and win every tournament =)

Do you play other games except DotA?

Na`Vi.Dendi: I play WoW a bit after Cataclysm launch =). There are no solo games in DotA and most of the leagues are low-level. I also have lags on different ICCup tournaments.

Favourite food?

Na`Vi.Dendi: Hard to say. I like desserts. Lots of desserts =).

Favourite film?

Na`Vi.Dendi: Can't say for sure.

The latest book you've read?

Na`Vi.Dendi: Something about Harry Potter :)

What leagues / tournaments will Na`Vi.DotA play soon? Where should we send trucks with female fans?! =)

Na`Vi.Dendi: Maybe empty trucks... =). I guess our first LAN-tournament will be ASUS, but I can't say for sure!

Few words to your fans, sponsors and friends.

Na`Vi.Dendi: When I changed DTS for Na`Vi I noticed that I got less fans in Europe and CIS rather then haters. But if my fans are not hiding under the rock, I want to thank them for their support. There is no progress without support. Also I'd like to thank our sponsors - SteelSeries, HELL, Gamefrag.RU, Antec, Enuzi and Kiev CyberSport Arena. Hello to Akarina and Pedipalpi. Also I say hello to Alex the White and Aleksey the Grey:-D  

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1. 2011-01-22 15:06:00 - cilium ( bgcilium@hotmail.com )
glad to see dendi putting out a word or two :D
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Nice read, keep it up man. GL in future
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noob dendi :D
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nice,i hope u beat chinese teams goodluck in future
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YOu rock man ;) GL
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GL dendi ! hf and beat everything! CILIUm e gei maika mu e pedal a sestra mu biatch
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i beat u np biach
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What do you think by YaphetS solo
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i am a female fan :D
10. 2013-02-02 16:37:50 - JackyOtchia ( JackyOtchia@hotmail.com )
I Will still play Dota next to you one day Dendi just you wait!!
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