Natus Vincere pulls out of Copenhagen Games 2013

01:42 / 30.03.2013 , Author : Fodje

It all went upside down for Natus Vincere since the very beginning of the tournament. At the start of the day tournament staff told Natus Vincere's manager to arrive at 10:00 am which later turned out to be all of a sudden a 9:00 am. When the team arrived at the venue, one of the PCs wasn't working which caused the delay. According to the rules, one the following punishments could be applied to Na`Vi:


- warning (See next title)
- 3 round loss or more
- default loss
From all the three options Natus Vincere received the most severe one, while at the same time other matches were delayed and the only team that was treated the same was CIS team Nostalgie. Despite the default loss on the first map, Natus Vincere won the following two and got its 3 points. 
Troubles continued to accompany Natus Vincere even further and in the end of the day the team faced a pretty common situation for e-Sports when three teams were in question to proceed to the play-off. According to the rules (which we have a screenshot of), the result of the match between concerned teams should be decisive, then following by points differential in the matches between the teams concerned, and then rounds should be taken into account if the decider still hasn't been found. It is clearly said that the results between the teams concerned are taken into account, ignoring the group outsiders. 
In group B three teams pretended to join the play-off and it was impossible to rule anything out based on the matches between the teams concerned. All of the matches between Natus Vincere, Fnatic and Epsilon resulted with 2 to 1 scores, so the final decision was calculated based on rounds. According to this rule, Natus Vincere tops the group, following by Fnatic while Epsilon completes the calculation and goes to the lower bracket, being the 3rd ranked team in the group. 
This decision was confirmed by tournament admins but as soon as Natus Vincere management left them, they  allegedly continued the discussion together with Fnatic and Epsilon players. The extended discussion deciced that in this case all rounds between all teams in the group should be counted, which means that the very first round which had been defaulted for Natus Vincere should also count. 
Taking into account a complete incompetence of the tournament admins who misinformed Natus Vincere management with an incorrect start time, as well as evidently hostile treat of our organization by tournament orgas, we had no option but pull out from the tournament and forfeit all of the following matches.
"Such a disrespectful approach towards the teams causes me to feel an utmost disappointment in modern e-Sports", says Natus Vincere CEO Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky. I ask all the teams who know me as an individual and trust me as e-Sports functionary to think about the treatment we received this very time. Next week Na`Vi initiates the creation of e-Sports Team Association together with other prominent teams. This organization will drastically change the face of modern e-Sports from the very first day of its creation.
We would like to apologize before all of our fans, however this situation sees an outrageous viloation of its own rules which turns the whole tournament into a pure farce which Natus Vincere is by no means is going to support.

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1. 2013-03-30 03:37:13 - runsett@yahoo.com
this fucking bitches!!!!Na'Vi forever!
2. 2013-03-30 08:04:25 - malony ( maloniaki@gmail.com )
I'm really sad ,i couldn't agree more with you guys , and after all that trouble ( at least i ) would feel terrible playing at lower because of admins fault , you guys did a great job , not for the money and fame , but for the fans , as im seeing a lots of them supports yours decision and understand that CPH make wrongs choiches
3. 2013-03-30 09:07:01 - therealbubsy ( smlinseman@gmail.com )
This is sad. I was really looking forward to seeing Na`Vi at Copenhagen. Hopefully more attention is brought to this. This doesn't deserve to happen to any team.
4. 2013-03-30 12:22:45 - honda ( stefanbratic@hotmail.com )
Na'Vi is love you :*
5. 2013-03-30 15:53:17 - Frelus
Damn sorry for you guys. Hoped to see you play, as you are my favourite team, but I completely understand your frustration with this bullshit and support your decision 100%. And I really hope that Team Association will prevent stuff like this, though.
6. 2013-03-30 16:15:10 - derp ( derp@gerp.com )
Changes to the regulations The tournament administrators reserve the right to alter any regulation at any time before or during the event if it is considered necessary. Any such alteration or addition will be announced clearly in these regulations on CopenhagenGames.com and at the venue.
7. 2013-03-30 19:10:46 - Puppey
More like CopenGAYgen Gayes amirite? Those faggots will have to learn not to lie!
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