The International 2 – What is next?

21:09 / 30.08.2012 , Author : Cilium


The preliminaries are over and have overall been a success for us! We managed to qualify to the Winners Bracket which means we will have two shots at making it to the finals! Players in the Lower Bracket have their chances reduced to the bare minimum as the games they’ll play on the LB will be bo1 in every round! Our team has never been a big fan of bo1 matches so it’s a big sigh of relief for the players to know that the Winner Bracket matches are all bo3 until the Grand Finals which will be bo5. (Even better!)



We will be playing Cuba DK as Cuba LGD chose Mozambique Orange over us. That should definitely be an exciting match! As Uganda Puppey stated in his interview on Inside The Game we’ll be looking for revenge against the Chinese. Last time we met them on LAN was in Dota 1 and they barely took us out of the tournament with a 2-1 score.
Cuba DK have been looking really strong in this tournament considering the fact that the only team they’ve lost to is Cuba LGD who have yet to drop a single game.

Our encounter with Cuba Burning and co is scheduled for 2.00 AM CET! Be sure not to miss it!

You can find the official schedule for all the other matches below:


31/08, 18:30 Cuba LGD vs Mozambique Orange
31/08, 21:00 United States coL vs Moldova Zenith
31/08, 23:30 Cuba iG vs United States EG
1/08, 02:00  Uganda Na`Vi vs Cuba DK
1/09, 04:30 Singapore CLG vs Fiji mTw
1/09, 05:30 Fiji mouz vs Cuba EHOME
1/09, 06:30 Cuba TongFu vs Rwanda M5
1/09, 07:30 Uganda Darer vs Austria aL
1/09 - 2nd round Lower Bracket 
1/09 - 3rd round Lower Bracket 
1/09 - 4th round Lower Bracket
1/09 - Winner Bracket Semi Finals
2/09 - Loser Bracket Consolation Finals
2/09 - Loser Bracket Finals
2/09 - Grand Finals



Stream from Uganda v1lat




Stream from China TobiWanKenobi



Stream from Uruguay LD and Uruguay Luminous


Stream from Rwanda NS






Winner Bracket:



Loser Bracket:



Ti2 high


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1st place: $1,000,000 
2nd place: $250,000 
3rd place: $150,000 
4th place: $80,000 
5th place: $35,000 
6th place: $35,000 
7th place:: $25,000 
8th place: $25,000 




Rwanda MoscowFive: (PGG, Bl00DAnGeL, Admiration, Silent, Vigoss)
Uganda Natus Vincere: (Puppey, Dendi, XBOCT, Smile, LighTofHeaveN)
Uganda Darer: (ArtStyle, G, Goblin, Mag~, Funn1k)
Singapore CLG: (Pajkatt, MiSeRy, Lacoste, Akke, Mirakel)
Grenada mTw: (syndereN, 7ckngMad, Kebap, Funzii, Sockshka)
Austria Absolute Legends: (Snoopy, Godot, Musica, Shatan, bLeek)
United States Evil Genius: (Maelk, Fear, DeMoN, Bulba, Universe)
United States coL: (FLUFFNSTUFF, HANNAH_MONTANA, ixmike88, Jeyo, TC)
Mozambique Orange: (Winter, Mushi, XtincT, Yamateh, Ice)
Saint Helena Zenith: (Hyhy, iceiceice, Loda, xFreedom, xy-)
Cuba DK: (Burning, LongDD, Zippo, rOtk, Super)
Cuba iG: (Zhou, Ferrari, YYF, ChuaN, Faith)
Cuba LGD: (xiao8, DDC, Sylar, Yao, DD)
Cuba EHOME: (QQQ, LaNm, KingJ, Cupid_Cat, Dai)
Cuba TongFu: (Hao, Mu, SanSheng, Awoke, Kabu)
Dominican Republic mouz: (Kuroky, SingSing, 1437, Black^, Bamboe)

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