The International Day 1 coverage!

21:18 / 25.08.2012 , Author : Cilium

The time for the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year has finally come! A year after we triumphed in the first one we get the chance to dwell into the fierce competition once again and prove that we are very best team in Dota 2.

The International 2’s preliminaries will kick off tomorrow!

Teams have been placed into two groups consisting of 8 teams. Top 4 teams of each group will move on to play in the Winner Bracket of the main tournament while the bottom 4 will be placed into the Losers Bracket. All the matches of the preliminaries will be played from 26th August to 28th August.

Our first opponents will be the Chinese powerhouse Cuba Invictus Gaming.

The Chinese team is coming off from a rather disappointing finals against Singapore Counter Logic Gaming in the Beyond the Summit World Tour where CLG simply outclassed them in a pretty convincing fashion. Will they bounce back after the devastating blow that Ecuador Misery and co dealt to their confidence? We will be able to watch and see for ourselves at 20.00 CET!

 Content that has been produced so far:

Photogallery from Na`Vi Ash
Another gallery
Official gallery from Valve
Photogallery: Valve's office

latest updates TI2

[18:47] Day 2 has already begun, we'll play our first match today against Mozambique Orange in about an hour! Stay tuned!


[07:10] And Day 1 finishes with a tie against Cuba EHOME! We didn't perform at our best, but we still played some good games! Tomorrow is a new day! :)

[03:16] 1-1 with Uruguay coL, our next opponent is Cuba EHOME, a match-up we'll be seeing in about 40 minutes! Winner of the first International Uganda Na`Vi and runner-up Cuba EHOME, who will come out on top? A really important clash for the outcome of our group, be sure not to miss it!

[01:47] China aL with another tie, this time against Rwanda M5, Singapore CLG take their second consecutive win in the group stages against Dominican Republic mouz, Saint HelenaZenith and Cuba DK 1:1 while Uruguay EG fall to another Chinese powerhouse in the face of Cuba LGD.

Our match against Uruguay coL is live now!! Cheer for us and support us, we'll do our best!

[23:27] All 3 next match-ups between Yemen mTw and Cuba TongFu, Uruguay coL and Cuba EHOME, Mozambique Orange and Uganda Darer - end with a tie! Up next are Rwanda M5.BenQ vs Austria aL, Singapore CLG vs Dominican Republic mouz, Saint Helena Zenith vs Cuba DK and Cuba LGD vs Uruguay EG!

Our next match is versus Uruguay coL and is coming up in 30 minutes!

[21:55] Unfortunately, Cuba iG proved to be the better team in our match against them and take a decisive 2-0 win over us! We'll stay strong and come back even stronger in our next matches! 

[20:54] Singapore CLG, Cuba DK and Cuba LGD win with a 2:0 against respectively Rwanda M5, Uruguay EG and Saint Helena Zenith, Dominican Republic Mousesports has a tie with China AL! Our game against Cuba iG is currently going!

[20:07] Our game against Cuba iG will be starting shortly with Austria TobiWan and Slesh casting it! Be sure not to miss it, you can watch it directly through our website!

[19:47] Dominican Republic Mousesports and Austria AL finish with a tie in their first game of the group stage!

[17:14] - Puppey is now safe and sound (after having stomach problems) and is getting ready for the match!

Dominican Republic Mousesports will be replacing Mozambique MUFC after taking out Cuba Word Elite 3-0 in the match that would decide the team allowed to play in the preliminaries.


Stream from Uganda v1lat




Stream from China TobiWanKenobi




Stream from Rwanda NS




Ti2 high



The International 2 - Groupstage - DAY 1 HIGHLIGHTS



LighTOfHeaven, XBOCT and Puppey playing sports games



Dendi attacking mTw.Shiba and vanishing at The International


Ars-Art's secret strategy!


Interview that Xeo did with Dominican Republic mousesports' Black!


Shoutout to PurgeGamers for recording this awesome video that showcases our players' Ping Pong skills!






groupstage TI2


Date: 26-28th August
Start of the games: 18:00, 20:00 CET (everyday)
Group play format: bo2
The top 4 of every group move on to the Winner Bracket of the main tournament, the bottom 4 to the Loser bracket.


Group A Time (CET) Games
Group GP W D L +/- P
Austria aL 3 0 2 1   2
Singapore CLG 3 3 0 0   9
Cuba DK 3 1 1 1   7
United States EG 3 1 0 2   3
Cuba LGD 3 2 0 0   9
Rwanda M5 3 0 2 1   2
Dominican Republic Mousesports 3 0 2 1   2
Saint Helena Zenith 3 0 1 2   1
Saint Helena Zenith [0:2Cuba LGD
Cuba DK [2:0] United States EG
Rwanda M5 [0:2Singapore CLG
Dominican Republic Mousesports [1:1] Austria aL
Saint Helena Zenith [1:1] Cuba DK
Cuba LGD [2:0] United States EG
Singapore CLG [2:0] Dominican Republic Mousesports
Rwanda M5 [1:1] Austria aL
Saint Helena Zenith [0:2United States EG
Cuba LGD [1:1] Cuba DK
Singapore CLG [2:0] Austria aL
Rwanda M5 [1:1] Dominican Republic Mousesports
United States EG vs Austria aL 
Saint Helena Zenith vs Singapore CLG
Cuba LGD vs Rwanda M5 
Dominican Republic Mousesports vs Cuba DK 


Group B Time (CET) Games
Team G W   L   P
Austria aL 6 2   4   2
Singapore CLG 6 6       6
Cuba DK 6 3   3   3
United States EG 6 2   4   2
Cuba LGD 6 6       6
Rwanda M5 6 2   4   2
Dominican Republic Mousesports 6 2   4   2
Saint Helena Zenith 6 1   5   1

Uganda Na`Vi [0:2Cuba iG
Cuba EHOME [1:1] United States CoL
Uganda Darer [1:1] Mozambique Orange
Grenada mTw [1:1] Cuba Tongfu
Uganda Na`Vi [1:1] United States CoL
Cuba iG [1:1] Cuba EHOME
Grenada mTw [0:2Mozambique Orange
Cuba Tongfu [2:0] Uganda Darer
Uganda Na`Vi [1:1] Cuba EHOME
Cuba iG [2:0] United States CoL
Mozambique Orange [0:2Cuba Tongfu
Uganda Darer [1:0] Grenada mTw
Uganda Na`Vi vs Mozambique Orange
Cuba iG vs Uganda Darer 
Grenada mTw vs United States CoL 
Cuba EHOME vs Cuba Tongfu 


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1. 2012-08-25 22:24:26 - LuXe ( )
Nice =) NaVi
2. 2012-08-26 22:47:01 - Trolo ( )
A little bird told me that IG > NaVi
3. 2012-08-26 22:47:48 - waQ ( )
Pathetic first games, wtf was that ? You looked like a newly formed midskilled team. Get your shit together, stop posting fucking awful interviews where you whine about how bad everything is and be grateful that you are in the position to play for 1 mil dollar AGAIN. You are makin us, your fans, very angry atm with all the drama going on. Play as a team again, we dont want to see such a miserable performance like against iG right now again.
4. 2012-08-26 23:28:03 - Xeo
#3 top posting fucking awful interviews where you whine about how bad everything is Are you sure you watched an interview of Na`Vi's? I don't remember anything like that =) As for the teamplay, you are right. The performance was shitty, there are some problems with the mindset, but we're working on that. Follow the next matches!
5. 2012-08-26 23:32:53 - waQ ( )
#4 Yes ? For example the one with Xboct "It's a total disaster" ? Or the one with ppy where he says they went through huge slumps during the bootcamp or the video #3 from bootcamp where Lost and ppy are arguing after the win against mtw, there one could clearly see the bad mood in Navi atm.
6. 2012-08-27 10:59:22 - Mondi ( )
Why Na'Vi has only 1 point if they drawed two times?