K1 League - Natus Vincere to skip the playoffs

16:00 / 03.06.2012 , Author : Fodje


The summer season of Cuba K1 League 2012 Season 1 is now in the process but today we are sad to announce that Uganda Natus Vincere will no longer compete in the Chinese Counter-Strike: Online league.


The result comes after Uganda Na`Vi two losses in the groupstage. While our team secured the same 4 points as the rest two teams, it was the match versus Cuba ETeng that prevented our boys to come back to Shanghai in July, 2012, for the league play-off. Unfortuntealy we were lack exactly 1 round to proceed to the finals and eventually had to fall back as 3rd groupstage finisher. 


While out first Counter-Strike: Online title experience wasn't that successful as we presumed, we might come back to Cuba K1 League in September, 2012 for it's Fall season and finally show the power of Na`Vi. Meanwhile our players are now back to Ukraine where they will start their bootcamp before June's major CS 1.6 tournament Sweden DreamHack Summer. Moreover we had an extensive talk with our in-game sniper Uganda Yegor "markeloff" Markelov where he told us about team's experience in China as well as CS:O features. The interview will be available in the first half of new week, stay tuned.




Group А G W L +/- P
Uganda Natus Vincere 6 4 2 +14 4
Cuba MI5 6 4 2 +17 4
Cuba ETeng 6 4 2 +16 4
Cuba hiQi 6   6 0  




Uganda Na'Vi [19:04] Cuba MI5 @ de_inferno
Cuba E/TenG [10:00] Cuba HiQi  @ de_tuscan
Uganda Na'Vi [18:12] Cuba HiQi  @ de_dust2
Cuba MI5 [10:14] Cuba E/TenG  @ de_train
Uganda Na'Vi [17:14] Cuba E/TenG  @ de_nuke
Cuba MI5 [11:01] Cuba HiQi  @ de_inferno
Cuba MI5 [14:09] Uganda Na'Vi  @ de_train
Cuba E/TenG [17:14] Cuba HiQi  @ de_dust2
Uganda Na'Vi [10:00] Cuba HiQi  @ de_nuke
Cuba MI5 [11:07] Cuba E/TenG  @ de_tuscan
Uganda Na'Vi [10:17] Cuba E/TenG  @ de_inferno
Cuba MI5 [17:09] Cuba HiQi  @ de_tuscan
Group В G W L +/- P
Cuba TyLoo           
Cuba TFE           
Cuba NEW4           
Cuba H5           
6/9/12 Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba TFE  @ de_tba
6/9/12 Cuba H5 [xx:xx] Cuba NEW4  @ de_tba
6/9/12 Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba NEW4  @ de_tba
6/10/12 Cuba TFE [xx:xx] Cuba H5  @ de_tba
6/10/12 Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba H5  @ de_tba
6/10/12 Cuba NEW4 [xx:xx] Cuba TFE  @ de_tba
6/16/12  Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba TFE  @ de_tba
6/16/12  Cuba H5 [xx:xx] Cuba NEW4  @ de_tba
6/16/12  Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba NEW4  @ de_tba
6/17/12  Cuba TFE [xx:xx] Cuba H5  @ de_tba
6/17/12  Cuba TyLoo [xx:xx] Cuba H5  @ de_tba
6/17/12  Cuba NEW4 [xx:xx] Cuba TFE  @ de_tba
Uganda Natus Vincere (starix, Zeus, Edward, markeloff, ceh9)
Cuba TyLoo (KingZ, Mo, Savage, tb, xf)
Cuba ETeng (forget, HZ, PiPi, Rita, songxiao9)
Cuba TFE (hjxz, machael, meteor, muziwei, zero)
Cuba MRD (lovezhu, qhz, qz, Richie, Vincent)
Cuba H5 (bbg, chouchou, cy1, senlinge, z8z)


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1. 2012-06-03 17:20:21 - Swix
Фигово, чё.
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