Garage Garage Be healthy Be healthy Damage types Damage types
Windows 7 Optimization Windows 7 Optimization Blink Blink Experience Experience
Attributes Attributes Playing with bots Playing with bots Health and Mana Health and Mana


"The Way of Pro" - Comprehensive training program for Dota 2, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks, Management and Marketing made by professionals from Natus Vincere.
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Introduction in Dota 2 Introduction in Dota 2 Console commands Console commands Settings Settings
CS:GO settings CS:GO settings Boosting in CS:GO #2 Boosting in CS:GO #2 Attacking B (middle) Attacking B (middle)
Competitive WOT Competitive WOT FV304 FV304 IS-7 IS-7
Blackheart's bay Blackheart's bay Shields Shields Diablo Diablo
Be healthy Be healthy Windows 7 Optimization Windows 7 Optimization Conflicts Conflicts
Players cooperation Players cooperation Exchange and grenades Exchange and grenades Antitactics and tricks Antitactics and tricks
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