The terms of conduction of “StopFake” action at Na’Vi web-sources

1. After buying any Na’Vi product (either branded or produced in cooperation with e-sports club Na’Vi), a person, who made such purchase, can check its authenticity.

2. In order to do it, a customer should register the code, provided by a shop upon purchasing the product, on the StopFake action web page at By registering the product code on this web page the customer confirms that he / she agrees to these rules.

3. If the entered code identifies indicates that the product bought by a customer is an original Na’Vi product, the customer can “Like” Na’Vi’s official Facebook page or Na’Vi’s official VKontakte page and thereby participate in a raffle to win a prize from Na’Vi. One code of one original Na’Vi product can be registered only once.

4. Na’Vi prizes are raffled once per month within the whole period of StopFake action’s duration. They are raffled only for the customers of Na’Vi original products, which have registered the code and “Liked” one of the Na’Vi official pages (Facebook or Vkontakte) in compliance with the terms of the item 3 of these rules. One customer can win only 1 prize per month of the StopFake action’s duration, even if he has registered 2 or more codes of Na’Vi original products. However the more codes a customer enters the higher his or her chance to win is. The winner can participate in one of the next raffles, by entering another code of Na’Vi original product.

5. The prizes raffled each months are:

a. Tangible:

I. Headphones Na’Vi – 1 piece;

II. Mouse Na’Vi – 1 piece;

III. Mousepad Na’Vi – 2 pieces;

b. Intangible:

I. Digital – autographs of Na’Vi Dota 2 team players (for activation in “Dota 2” game) – 3 pieces;

II. The keys to the cases in “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” video-game – 5 pieces;

III. In-Game gold in “World of Tanks” video-game – 5 prizes each 1000 in-game golden coins worth;

6. The list of prizes for each separate month of the StopFake action’s duration can be change upon Na’Vi’s decision as we want you to enjoy the new prizes.

7. After each raffle the list of the winners will be available on the web page of StopFake action

8. Each winner must fill in the e-application form available on the web page of StopFake action He / she must enter his or her full name, address, post code, telephone (for the winners of tangible prizes) and e-mail + Steam account (for the winners of intangible prizes). Only the person indicated as a winner of StopFake action has the right to fill in such e-application form. By providing thereby his or her personal data, the winner agrees that Na’Vi uses such personal data by storing, compiling, deleting, using it to contact with the winner and providing this data to third parties with a view to the prize awarding. Thereby such winner also guarantees that such data is his or her own personal data and is relevant.

9. The provision of the prize to the winner and communication with him or her shall be done using only that personal data, which he or she provided. It is only the winner, who bears full responsibility for the incorrect, incomplete, non-relevant personal data, and therefore for the impossibility to obtain the prize.