Natus Vincere, the Latin phrase meaning “born to win”, is an eSports Club that ranks among the leaders in the world in competitive gaming. During the first seven years of its existence, Na`Vi teams have won and defended world titles in different disciplines as well as set several world records that still stand today.


Born To Win - The philosophy and principles of life have been ingrained in our name. Victory for us is not just winning the next tournament. This is our long-term strategy and which pushes us to strive to do more, achieve more and set the standard in excellence.


The Birth of the Winners



The organization was founded in December, 2009 with the support of a well-known patron from Kazakhstan - Murat «Arbalet» Zhumashevich. His generous contribution marked the beginning of our Counter-Strike team and laid the foundation for the whole organization’s success. His wisdom and life principles have formed the basis of our philosophy and has allowed us to dream and achieve things that might have never been possible without his help. Murat Zhumashevich remains our good friend and devoted fan.


Our first great achievement was winning the Counter-Strike competition at Intel Extreme Masters 4 in Cologne, Germany in 2010. That success lifted the team and they confidently continued winning tournament after tournament including the ESWC 2010 and WCG 2010. Winning those tournaments etched that team into the history books, literally, as they were recorded in the electronic version of the Guinness Book of World Records as the first team to win all the world championships in one year.


The team’s resounding success didn’t go unnoticed by the Government of Ukraine. After winning the World Cup in France, the NaVi team was invited to a meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov. The topic of discussion was the young team’s achievements in the  international arena and a number of issues associated with the development of IT-industry. As a thank-you, the Prime Minister personally gave commemorative watches to each team member.


In the beginning of 2011, a team was formed to compete in the Dota 2 discipline. That same year, the most significant eSports event in the world, The International took place. Natus Vincere once again showed that its name was justified. The team deservedly won while taking home the biggest prize in the history of eSports - $1 million!


What we’re doing now


Since our early successes, Natus Vincere has come a long way, from having a club with a gaming staff and only one manager to a profitable, viable business with an office in Kiev. Today, NatusVincere actively works with several major partners; the club includes memberships in the most popular computer sports disciplines, and products with the Na`Vi logo are sold worldwide. Since that time, Natus Vincere players have visited more than one hundred tournaments and, in only in rare cases didn’t get on the podium, having won many of them along the way.  


Our Goals


Currently, Natus Vincere has identified several priority areas for itself. Since our gamers are vital to our success and we value them so much, we are concentrating on creating and opening a training facility with all the amenities necessary for long training sessions before competitions. The main goal of the club remains participating and winning in the world's biggest tournaments.


Project missions and goals 

  • Promotion and development of eSports

  • Admission of eSports as an official sport and sactioned competition in the Olympic Games

  • Create a global eSports Academy on the based on identifying young people with high potential and the necessary charateristics to become professional gamers

  • Create successful, socially and physically-developed gamers, who are able to achieve goals in all aspects of life.