Sergey «starix» Ischuk


Sergey Ischuk
ua 01.01.1970 , Kjiv

Starix started playing in 2001. He has played for legendary teams such as a5*, TreezZ, eXplosive and KerchNET. He won a bronze WCG medal playng for A-Gaming in 2007.  He is one of the most decorated and experienced players of the Ukrainian CS-school. The two distinctive features that make Starix’s game so feared is his ability to be cold-blooded and his ninja-like movements.


Being the first player on Na'Vi allowed Starix to choose the other members of the team.  He has won numerous awards and titles, including tournament MVP. He has been team captain several times leading the team in the IEM Global Challenge Kiev tournament in 2012.  Today, he is the second sniper on the team. Having said that, Starix is ready to take on leadership duties in games at any moment.


Starix has a romantic and creative personality and loves to watch the Discovery Channel. He prefers the fantasy genre in literature. He has bartending skills as well, so he can always prepare delicious cocktails for his teammates during celebratory get-togethers.

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