Denis «seized» Kostin


Denis Kostin
ru 01.01.1970 , Moscow

Denis got into eSports a long time ago. His first teams formed back when people played Counter-Strike 1.6, playing for fbgaming, USSR, and place2play. Moreover, he, as well as kibaken, has been an active participant in Moscow's eSports community. He has participated in many  tournaments playing for and against different teams, where he honed his skills; both as a solo player and as a team coordinator. Seized and the USSR team reached the MSiBeatit! Russian quarterfinals in 2011 and won Tech labs Cup Ukraine with place2play. In the last LAN- tournament in CS 1.6, ASUS Final Battle of the year, Denis and his 12.12.12 reached the semifinals.


When Na'Vi was looking to fill their two vacant places, seized's candidature was not even debated. Earlier, Denis had often substituted for a missing player on the team. He played in online leagues as a replacement for Markelov. Largely, it was Kostin who persuaded the team to invite Kibaken to join. Kostin and Kibaken had known each other for quite a while by that time. Seized has, recently, become a captain. As a player he is well-rounded. He can, at any moment, take AWP and fulfill the role of second sniper; which he often does. His main task is to coordinate the team in the right direction without fail. On all the teams he used to play for, he played a commanding role. Doing that is the reason why Denis has so much experience.


His teammates are amazed with his directness and confidence with which Denis reaches his goals. He is definitely talented. He’s the youngest player on the team. Denis likes to spend his spare time with his friends watching interesting movies. As a child, he played volleyball and once won the Russian championship in his age group.

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Russia Russia CS:GO Russia Russia CS:GO 01.01.1970 - now
zNation Counter-Strike: GO zNation Counter-Strike: GO 17.01.2013 - 11.03.2013