By playing Fantasy on eSportsPools, you can add an extra level of excitement to your esports viewing experience. Pick your favourite players and win great prizes, whether it’s free skins or putting some money on the line. Best of all, eSportsPools is the best way to play fantasy against your friends.

Pick Your Favourites

Who do you think will perform the best? Is it going to be the veterans that are going to get the most points, or is it going to be the newcomers ready to make their mark? Use your knowledge of esports to choose your favourite players and watch their points pile up.

Win Free Skins

From “M4A4 | Howls” to “Demon Eater” Arcanas, you’ll have a chance to compete in our fantasy pools to win the best in-game items. Best of all, the pools are free to enter! It’s as simple as joining up, picking your players and seeing how you do against the rest.

Up the Ante

Add more excitement to your fantasy esports experience! You can put some money on the line for a chance to win some cash. Even if you want to start small, we have got low-costing options that allow you to test the water.

Play against your friends and communities

Through our Member Leaderboards and Community Pools, you can see how you stack up against your friends. You can easily keep track of how badly you’re beating your buddies in our Member Leaderboards. Our Community Pools let you make your own pools that your friends or community can join. It’s not just skins and prizes on the line, but bragging rights too.

Different ways to play

At eSportsPools, there are several ways to play fantasy. If you like it simple, then our “classic” pools are for you: just pick and play with no restrictions. For others, a more complexity is the way to go. Our salary pools add an extra element to our fantasy pools, so pick carefully!

Multiple Games

Follow more than one game? So do we! Whether you’re into CS:GO, DotA 2, HotS, or LoL, we’ve got fantasy eSports options for it all.