HyperX devices: An advantage in the game

Athletes always use great care when choosing their equipment, so do the professional gamers: every part of our gaming gear has to work for us to achieve victory! That is why we choose HyperX products: headsets, keyboards, memory modules, SSD and USB drives, and recently - gaming mice and mousepads.

HyperX is an American brand of gear and accessories for gaming. As our sponsor HyperX understands more than anyone else the challenges that modern players face. While creating highly productive memory modules, headsets, keyboards, mice or even mousepads, professionals from HyperX thoroughly study the specific needs of eSports community. Due to this approach, products from this brand provide great performance and give players an advantage over their rivals.

The advantage in control

HyperX Alloy FPS Keyboard

A univocal choice of our players - the HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard has passed the test by all kinds of eSports disciplines. Our players love it for its size, which gives them more space for mouse movement, and for an immortal frame made of heavy-duty alloy. A special Anti-Ghosting game mode allows you to stay in the game no matter what. Additionally, we admire the bright red textured keycaps for FPS gameplay. They conveniently fall under your fingers in the "blind" mode, so when you’re in the midst of battle your view is focused on the monitor.

HyperX Mousepad Fury

The mousepad is an extremely important component for your success in battle. It helps the player be fully in charge of his/her control and movements in the game and provides a soft contact with the surface. HyperX gaming pads are made from natural rubber and are fully compatible with optical, wireless and laser mouse.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Mouse

HyperX continues to conquer the trust of the players who are passionate about FPS genre games. The HyperX Pulsefire FPS gaming mouse became the new «must have» on the list for gamers who like to shoot from different guns and plant some bombs!
The smart and optimized ergonomics together with the anti-slip design of this mouse make it convenient for all types of players. The innovative Pixart 3310 sensor in Pulsefire FPS provides smooth tracking and guarantees precise shooting.

The advantage in sound

Cloud II, Cloud Stinger, Cloud Revolver, Cloud Revolver S headsets

HyperX headsets have great respect from the best eSports players in the world. This became possible due to a number of constructive and technological innovations made by HyperX. Their headsets such as Cloud II, Cloud Stinger, Cloud Revolver and Cloud Revolver S are fully justified with their names - they provide "transcendental" sound quality. Plug-and-Play Dolby® 7.1 Surround Sound mode in the Cloud Revolver S allows you to achieve studio-grade sound and hear an every step of the enemy, so he will not slip by!

The advantage in performance

Fury, Savage memory, SSD and flash drives

The ultra-modern HyperX Fury and Savage memory modules are in charge of boosting performance, providing unrealistic speed, crazy overclocking and high-performance heat sinking. All these features help to switch your computer into "Berserk mode", demolishing virtual opponents from your path to victory! Thanks to the incredible support of the parent company, Kingston Technology, and the company’s research, HyperX has created truly unique SSD drives, such as Fury and Savage. These products provide efficient and stable work in multitask mode and increase the speed of the system even when the drive is full. HyperX Savage USB drives were designed with the same purpose - compact data storage up to 512 gigabytes in the palm of your hand that transfers data to and from the device in just seconds.

Na`Vi teams have already experienced the advantages of HyperX devices.
Come experience them too!