Kingston company is the world's largest independent manufacturer of the memory modules, flash and hard drives (SSD). The company was founded in 1987. The headquarters of the company are located in Fountain Valley, California. The production facilities of Kingston are located in the U.S., China and Taiwan.
Throughout its history, the company has consistently set new industry standards of the highest quality. It became possible thanks to the most strict quality testing procedures in the field of memory production. The company maintains its own free technical support service for its customers as well as constantly introduces innovative technologies to the market.
Natus Vincere's training base is equipped with Kingston's products because the production of the company meets the highest requirements and satisfies the demands of the world champions.  HyperX series' memory modules and SSD-drives are the best solution on the market in terms of performance and reliability.

Clement «Puppey» Ivanov:

«The information processing speed is important to me because it's obvious that high latency and "lags" are bad for the game process. As a captain, I can't afford being distracted by some technical issues during a match because it might affect in a negative way not only my own performance but the performance of the whole team as well. I need to be sure that nothing like that is gonna happen, and I can tell you that Kingston products give me such confidence.». 


Na`Vi Puppey
HyperX memory modules meet the highest requirements of any creative professional, any gamer or even an 'overclocker'. It's all possible thanks to the highest development and testing standards that apply to these products.
In August 2013, Kingston announced the new Na`Vi Edition series of products. These products are designed primarily to satisfy the demands of the professional gamers who need high performance and reliability.  Na`Vi Edition series has been designed in stylish bright colors. The number of products in the series is limited.
Na`Vi Limited Edition consists of three series: SSD-drives created with HyperX 3K1 technology (120GB or 240GB), memory module packs HyperX Genesis2 (8GB pack of 2*4GB modules and 16GB pack of 2*8GB modules, and USB-flash drives DataTraveler® SE93 (8GB, 16GB, and 32GB).



HyperX 3K SSD drives provide a high performance with a support of interface SATA 3.0 (6 GB/s) and the highest reading and writing speed in a random and sequential mode. SandForceDuraClass ™ technology ensures data integrity by providing them with complete safety during the drive life. 


Kingston DTSE9 Natus Vincere Edition


USB-drive Kingston ® DataTraveler ® SE9 has a stylish metal body with a special ring for a secure fit. Small form factor makes it a great addition to any device that has a USB-connector. A reliable body of the drive allows taking it with you everywhere fearlessly, no matter where you go.


Kingston ® HyperX Genesis sets the standard for high-performance memory modules. The memory modules have a low heat and provide a higher operating speed and lower latency, so are ideal for gamers, enthusiasts, and everyone who wants to maximize the performance of the computer.