Play more, pay less. This is a G2A.COM credo. On this platform you’ll find the best terms on buying and selling skins, games and activation keys for Steam, Origin, Battle.net, Xbox Live and many others. G2A platform is well-known for its unique prices and safety. In addition, here you can join G2A Goldmine program, which gives you an opportunity to earn on G2A without much effort. G2A is the world's fastest growing digital gaming marketplace that won an international Global Excellence Award for Outstanding Fast Growth in 2016.

G2A Market

People buy and sell here with the speed of 1 mln transactions per month. G2A users can sell any digital products, not just games, keys or skins. We immediately send you everything you buy via email. You’ll need just to use the key from our letter on the platform with the chosen game/product (Steam, Origin, Uplay, and so on), and download the files. It takes several minutes to do all these steps. No need to wait, no extra charges for delivery.

Best prices on everything

Choose from more than 30 000 games and other digital products. Save up to 94% from regular prices. Play more! Pay less. Yeap, it’s our mission. That’s why we have weekly sales and daily special offers.

So, if you want to buy a game with a discount, G2A will be the best place to do this. Why? Special offers aren’t the only reason. Here users sell products they bought on sales themselves. And G2A buys keys directly from official distributors. In such a way we eliminate a number of unnecessary chain links and save money. That’s why our prices are lower than other platforms’ prices. So, you shouldn’t worry about quality or license: all products are legal, and everything works properly.

All platforms in one place

Switching from platform to platform? Forget it. We’ve gathered on one site games from the most popular platforms, such as Steam, Origin, Battle.net, Xbox Live, Uplay and others. Just try it once, and you’ll understand how convenient it is.

Earn with Goldmine

Fetch friends on G2A and get a reward for each of them, as well as for all people invited by your friends. You’ll get dividends every time they buy anything. So, it’s a steady income. You should know that Goldmine program participants have already got more than €3 500 000. This number refers to 2016 July, and the sum is growing every day. The most active Goldmine participants have already earned tens of thousands euros. You can be one of them, why not.

Multi-level income

Every product’s page on G2A.COM contains information about your future gain: below the product description you can see a sum you’ll earn if somebody buys this product using your link. If a user clicks on your link and makes an order, this sum will appear on your account. This is a first-level income. When this user creates their own link for somebody else and these new users also buy a product, you’ll get the second level income, which is 60% of the sum on the product page (don’t confuse it with product price). Furthermore, if these new users successfully recommend this product to somebody else, you’ll get plus 40% of that sum. This will be your third-level income. May be, it looks like something a little bit complicated, but it works in a simple way, believe us. Actually, it works even if you do nothing.

Excellent security

When you buy other users’ stuff, G2A Shield takes care of your security. It gives you a 100% guarantee of a successful deal. If something goes wrong, you’ll get your money back. So, you’ll never buy a key that doesn’t work, for instance. With G2A Shield you are fully protected from any unpleasant surprise. By the way, you can get G2A Shield for free for 30 days. In addition, we use Protocol SSL and secure connection. Thus, all data sellers and buyers send each other are transmitted securely.

G2A Pay

We’ve created G2A Pay to make it easier for you to buy and sell on G2A. G2A Pay is a modern and secure checkout system. Everything is simple and clear here. Even a newbie will get it easily, so it’ll help you increase the number of successful deals. G2A Pay is very convenient for collecting money from various accounts/services and for withdrawing cash. G2A Pay works on various devices: PC, tablet, smartphone. It also can securely store cards data, so your buyers will be able to pay even easier.

Save the Children initiative

G2A and Na`Vi are partners of the Save the Children charity program. Join us! G2A gives you points for each donation. The points are exchangeable on games and gadgets. In addition, each user who makes a donation has a chance to win $5000 to spend on G2A.COM. Furthermore, sponsors will amplify each donation. Save the Children is providing critical help and health relief, working with health ministries in different countries. Gamers all over the world participate in this project. Are you in?

Play more. Pay less.