Sit comfortably, play, and win. DXRacer gaming chairs are designed in such a way that nothing distracts you from playing. Guys from DXRacer know what they’re doing. More than 10 years ago they started with manufacturing racing car seats. Yeap, that’s saying something. Now DXRacer continues striving for stunning design and comfort without compromises. Add to this the highest quality, and you’ll understand why they are considered to be leaders. By the way, how about DXRacer chair in NA`VI style?

NA`VI edition

Such chairs will appear in NA`VI gaming house soon (that’s for sure) and in your room (if you order them, of course). They are really cool. DXRacer quality + exclusive design by NA`VI = that’s something incredible. Aluminum base makes this chair durable and reliable, and its backrest and arms are easy to adjust just as you need. As you see, nothing will disturb you during the game. "Sit better. Work harder. Game longer". Yes, it’s DXRacer’s slogan.

Healthy lifestyle

All these elegant curves and adjustments are designed in such a way that DXRacer chair can protect your health. You know, if you spend long hours playing video games day to day, this might become a rather big challenge for your spine. But don’t worry, DXRacer will deal with this. High backrest will support your spinal column entirely, from pelvis to neck. And don’t forget, you can change the backrest tilt and arms position. Eventually, all you need to do is to play with pleasure.

Racing background

In 2003 DXRacer started with manufacturing racing car seats. So, ergonomic sports car seats are direct ancestors of DXRacer gaming chairs. The connection between “relatives” is still tight. During the years of work on sports cars DXRacer figured out what the best options for design, construction, and materials were. This is where the tradition of the highest quality began. Guys from DXRacer know what can help you focus on victory. You can be sure, this chairs are designed with gaming in mind.

Steel framework

DXRacer chairs have durable steel framework inside. It doesn’t bend or break. In fact, this steel frame is so reliable, that DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty for it. A lifetime warranty, Karl. In other words, you could count on it. No matter what.

Highest quality

This is the number 1 priority for DXRacer. They guarantee that every chair, every part, and accessory is durable, ergonomic and well-made. Just have a look at all these certificates. Then click on the pictures, and you will find even more certificates. To make the long story short, several authoritative inspection institutions have tested every detail. And you know what, they have liked it. It’s no wonder, DXRacer chairs are really cool.