A unique multitask gaming platform that unites different players from beginners to world champions regardless of their location. The project was founded in February of 2012 with 4 core disciplines: DotA2, World of Tanks, Point Blank, and Bloodline Champions. Each one of them has thought-out rules and regulations that was put together by the committee of the qualified judges.


Simply the best eSports website in Ukraine. One of the largest Ukrainian eSports communities. The most broad and efficient coverage of the events in the gaming world: championships, tournaments, game updates and more. Regular and frequent news and content updates. News coverage of the eSports in Ukraine and worldwide. Founded in 2002. – is the leading independent website about sports in Ukraine. It's the main source of sports related content for more than 1.5 million monthly visitors. covers the majority of the popular Ukrainian sports including soccer, box, biathlon and eSports. The established network of numerous professional journalists across all regions of the country create over 3000 news pieces on a monthly basis.


Dota2.Ru is the biggest Russian speaking site about the game with a large number of visiting players from all over Russia and the CIS. This site provides its visitors with the latest and the hottest news from the world of DotA2 as well as with useful hero guides, live streams, full schedules for big events, and much more. Join today!

Gameguru is your gateway into the exciting world of computer games. Today, the computer games are the whole new field of the cyberspace with its own rules and unique properties. It's not just a bunch of PC games, it's a large industry with an extremely high development rate. There are a lot of eSports tournaments out there, millions of people play online, thousands of professional programmers and artists work on their masterpieces for the enormous crowds of their fans.


Online radio about gaming. The most scandalous gaming news, interviews with the top players and guilds members from all over the world. And of course, all of this would feel so empty without some quality music in different genres across multiple broadcasting channels. This kind of music is great for PvP matches and improving your skill!


Website about DotA, DotA2 and everything in between: - Are there video streams by the PRO's? - Yes, sir! There certainly are plenty of them. - But will I find my favorite VOD's and other DotA-videos there as well? - Yes, you sure will!


The largest Russian gaming site with a lot of different forums where the enthusiasts will find fresh news from the world of online gaming as well as the perfect platform to discuss it and get advice from the more experienced players. The site was founded in 2003 and has been successfully developing since then.  On our popular forums and in the news section you will find reviews of the upcoming games, guides, tutorials and much more.


The leading gaming organization of the Baltic States. We strive for the effective development of the eSports in Latvia and the Baltic States. On our site, you will always find the latest eSports news not only from around the CIS but also from all over the globe including biggest international tournaments and other interesting events. Also, we regularly offer different raffles, giveaways, and contests with valuable prizes to our loyal visitors.


World of Tanks fan club. It's a place where you will find the best mods, crosshairs, skins and a whole lot more for you to enjoy the game much more as well as improve your in-game efficiency. You will find daily news, stories and articles from the world of WoT here as well. Join us now!